The Sanguinarian

The Sanguinarian

Saturday, 1 November 2014


30th December, 1610
“They are coming for you, Elizabeth. They are coming… for you,” I say to the Countess, who lies prone on the huge bed.
“Why did you do this, Mihaly? Why, szerelmem? I thought you loved me,” the Countess replies, looking at me with her brown eyes, turned red because of the tears flowing down her beautiful face.
“I do love you, Elizabeth. I love you like I will never… love another woman on this Earth. That’s why… I had… to do this,” I reply, feeling the hot tears flowing down my own cheeks.
“No! You are lying, Mihaly! You are lying to my face! You would never have done this horrible thing if you really loved me! Never!” she shouts in reply, and  then buries her head in her hands.
“In a few hours from now they’ll be taking you away, forever. I’m never going to see you again! You think I like this? I don’t. But they know what you did, Elizabeth. They know, and there is no way out for you, but to surrender and take responsibility,” I reply.
“No! Never! I am the Countess Bathory de Ecsed! I never will bow in front of anyone…not in the least those perfidious fools who think they can arrest me and put me on trial!” she shouts again, this time getting out of bed and standing beside it, her beautiful face livid with rage.
“Those perfidious fools are from the highest court in the land, Elizabeth. The court of the King of Hungary. You can’t do anything but accept your fate and do as they say,” I reply.
Immediately there is a loud knock on the bedroom door.
“Your Excellency? The Countess Erzsebet Bathory de Ecsed?Kindly open the door!” a man shouts from the other side.
Elizabeth and I look at each other. They have come earlier than I anticipated.
Elizabeth reaches one hand towards me, as if trying to bridge the distance between us- which appears to be more of a chasm.
“Your Excellency? I am Gyorgy Thurzo, and have come here for you. Please open the door!” the same man’s voice came again.
“ Please, Mihaly, please save me...”
Her last words are drowned out by the door of our bedroom flying open.

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