The Sanguinarian

The Sanguinarian

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

D for Devil Comes to Greenfield

Greenfield, Missouri 

Church of St. Agnes

Father Morton O'Neill unlocked the door to his office, his glance flitting to the door of the office adjacent to his. The gap beneath the door of Father Goretti's office showed that the lights were still on in there.

He's been here all night? But why? 

Morton left his own door open and walked to his superior's cabin. He would ask the other priest if he would like a large mug of hot coffee.

"Father Goretti? This is Morton. May I come in, please?" asked Morton, while knocking on the door.

There was no answer.

"Father Goretti? You in there?"

Morton noticed that the door was slightly ajar. And again, there came no reply.

A cold shiver passed down Morton's back- and he had an overwhelming feeling something was terribly amiss. He remembered the chilling spectre of Dorothy Swanson's body in the churchyard.

His heart rate suddenly shooting up, he slowly pushed open the door, and entered.

"No! No! Father....Nooooooooo!"

Amelio Goretti's corpse hung from the ceiling, bloody and oscillating slightly, blocking the sunlight from the large window behind his desk.

His blood was dripping onto the desk and had trickled to the floor. His throat and wrists had been slit and his eyes were open.

Morton ran to his office and called the Sheriff's office.

Sheriff Hadley and his team found Morton slumped against the door of Goretti's cabin, dazed.
They were accompanied by Senator Tuttle, who was a former priest as well, and a local celebrity politico now.

"Our Father in Heaven, protect us from evil. The Devil Has Come to Greenfield!" he exclaimed when he saw the corpse.

This post is written for the A to Z Challenge


  1. Love it! Congratulations on this work for your theme. Don't you love the #Challenge and finding fellow writers and more. If you have an interest in historic hotels and inns, join me when you have time.

  2. Great story! You've already got me wanting to know what happens next. :-)

  3. Wow! Powerful scene, and powerful writing. I hope you'll continue with the challenge; I'd love to read more :)
    Guilie @ Life In Dogs (and member of co-host Damyanti's team, D's Company )

  4. I agree! Great bit of writing there. You have a gift!

  5. You have a great skill at drawing the reader in and keeping their interest - great work!!

    @Samantha/samratkel from
    Shadow Realities

  6. As the others said, great writing! Are you planning in continuing the challenge?

    Andrea from Music & Words blog
    Volunteer in Damyanti's D Company #atozchallenge