The Sanguinarian

The Sanguinarian

Saturday, 30 May 2015

The Devil's Advocate- An ( entirely unconvincing) tale of two PMs

A funny thing- as in sardonically funny thing- is happening in politics, as usual.
The current PM invited the ex-PM to discuss 'economics' recently.
This is being hailed, as usual, as an instance of the broad outlook of the new PM, in choosing to forget old enmities and the fact that Dr. Singh is from an opposition party and embrace him with open arms to effect development.
After the new PM humiliated the ex-PM ruthlessly last year, calling him 'Maun-mohan Singh' and plenty of other untenable things. Constantly demeaning him and his party, his policies, his work, his character, badmouthing him in front of NRIs.
As lousy as a politician Dr. Singh maybe, he is someone who didn't deserve such words- an intellectual, a decent man, a reticent man who cannot be provoked easily, who chose not to go down to his opponent's level as a last ditch attempt when his party was losing. Yeah, election fever makes candidates say things about one another- dirty things. But there is a limit. The new PM, when he was a PM candidate, made things personal. He said things about Dr. Singh in front of national media, humiliating him. In the process, the new PM proved himself unfit for such a high public office by behaving so belligerently and letting his tongue run amock.
And then, in front of the media, he calls the man he badmouthed endlessly to discuss 'economics'. And the ex-PM went.
Funny thing. Sardonically funny.

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