The Sanguinarian

The Sanguinarian

Monday, 6 April 2015

E for Egomania

What is ego?

Now, I will resist the psychological definition here.

So, let's just say that ego is that monster residing within us- that inflated monster which defines itself in our obsession to be better than others and our being adamant to not accept our flaws and our faults, our mistakes and our very humanness.

What is egomania? Egomania is that hyper-inflated ego which allows us all to behave like douche-bags who consider ourselves superior than others, whether in looks, color, race, money, status or achievements.

Ego should never be confused with dignity or self-esteem. Dignity or self-esteem is when we respect who we are, we feel good about it and we are strong and confident enough in our skin to face life's problems.

Ego is when we refuse to take criticism, to look at ourselves as flawed, to accept our shortcomings and to improve ourselves. Ego is when we refuse to take responsibility for our actions. Ego is when we can't stop comparing ourselves with other. Ego is when we needlessly compete with others for petty things. Ego is when we cannot take NO for an answer, or make a sacrifice, or accept that we cannot have everything we want. Ego is when we try to pull others down to get to the top. Ego is when we make others feel inferior to make ourselves feel better.

Egomania is when people take their egotistical issues to a whole new level. We also know these people as douche-bags, narcissists, arrogant, pompous, officious and other such adjectives.

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  1. Hah.. You're like.. the third person whose post has had the word douche-bag in it today. I wonder what it is about today...? Yours is the only one where it was topical - the others just used it.
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  2. You nailed it Prachi. Ego is one of the vices which is very difficutl to overcome. And the fear of letting go of ego is equally scary for it leaves one feeling so empty.

  3. Now I'm reminded of what I learned about Freud in college... ;-) Great post about the monster lurking within.
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  4. Great post on Egomania. Though most of us know about it, this issue really needs to be faced from time to time. Thank you for the reminder :)
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