The Sanguinarian

The Sanguinarian

Thursday, 4 February 2016

A Predator in Paradise: A crime thriller: Launch Special- First Three Chapters


Dear friends, it gives me great pleasure to announce the release of my first novel, a serialized e-novel called A Predator in Paradise. Once chapter from the book will be released every week on the website of the publisher, Cosyreading.

Here is a brief blurb to give you an idea of what the story is all about:

When the naked, emaciated bodies of young men start turning up on the streets of Mumbai, the police as well as the citizens are shocked and scared beyond imagination. The bodies have torture marks on them, and all have been choked to death. When Senior Inspector Nadia Lal of the CID sets out to investigate along with her partner, Inspector Perseus Jhabwala, their work leads them to the heart of Mumbai’s dark underbelly. As well as on the trail of a killer who wouldn’t stop killing. 

To read the first three chapters of the book, go to this link: 

Happy reading, amigos! I hope you enjoy it!!