The Sanguinarian

The Sanguinarian

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Picture prompt #2: Shrine of the Morosaurs

The Shrine of the Morosaurs stood in the distance, looming over the barren landscape, silhouetted against the dank blue skies. Anneliese closed her eyes and inhaled deeply, trying to absorb the experience, as she sat astride Johannes, her faithful horse, a gift from her father.

This was the tipping point of Anneliese's life, the pivot around which her destiny revolved. This was the answer to her life, the secret behind her birth.

 Finding this Shrine, built centuries ago, which no one in her family had been able to locate in the bowels of the Tundras before Anneliese had.

It was her destiny to find and enter the Shrine built by her ancestors- the long dead Morosaurs. The alien race of Marauders, from the planet Woho, in the galaxy Andromeda, who arrived on Earth centuries ago and cross- bred with Dinosaurs. It was Anneliese's destiny, as the last surviving part-Morosaur to open the prophecy they had left behind. Before their near complete extinction with the Dinosaurs, and the establishment of New Earth. And before the few surviving Morosaurs cross-bred with humans to survive.

Arius, the last Chief of the Morosaurs, had come into her dreams repeatedly, to show her the purpose of her life. "You have to save humanity from annihilating itself, Anneliese. You have to broadcast the prophecy, unlock its power, and spread our genes in the population. You have to keep New Earth alive. We cannot let the bloodthirsty Nessyrians take over this beautiful planet and violate it," he had said.

 "Come on Johannes," she spurred her horse on, as they proceeded to climb the hillock, towards the Shrine. To tell the story of the Morosaurs again. To fulfill her destiny, and to preserve New Earth from being conquered by the most bloodthirsty race of beings in the Universe.

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