The Sanguinarian

The Sanguinarian

Thursday, 26 June 2014

The Face-Off Killer #8

Gina Coleman's eyes opened slowly and steadily, the upper and lower lids taking a lot of time to part ways. Her head felt unnaturally heavy, as if it was made of a 100 pound stone, and not the cranium, brain and meninges. At first, her vision was a total blur. She blinked again and again till it cleared, and she could see properly. All she saw was a room, one she'd never seen before. She registered her head was lolling to one side, and automatically straightened it.
Her head feeling a little less heavy, she looked around her, and it slowly dawned on her that she was in some sort of a basement, because it felt unnaturally cold, and the lighting was different from that usually in rooms above ground. She felt that she was alone in the room, and tried moving her hands and feet, only to discover they were tied to a chair on which she was seated. Despite the headache she had, she tried to remember what had happened to place her in this strange place. Gradually she recalled flashes of it- walking back to her dorm, hearing noises behind her, being grabbed from behind and suddenly passing out. She realized she'd been abducted and was being held as a captive.
And yet, she was surprised by how coolly and calmly she was playing over the facts in her mind, as if she was a student back at the School of Medical Sciences, doing a psychobiologic case study on fear in abduction victims, and not a victim lying tied up in some psycho's basement herself. Perhaps Professor Higgins was right about her well adjusted personality, and what a great neurobiologist she would make.
Well, the time was to get out of that damned place, and not think of future laurels.
She looked at the room around her with renewed eyes, looking for anything that might help her free herself. And felt a wave of revulsion travel through her body when she saw the painted, decorated faces of various women balanced on stands. The faces looked real, almost life-like- like they'd been that of real women rather than mannequins.
What kind of a kidnapper had she fallen a victim to?

"I think it's time we drew up a rough profile of our Face-Off Killer, detectives," Lieutenant Will Masters said to Ansen Cole and Lance Carter, as they sat in his cabin at the Boston PD HQ.
"Yes. A prelim profile might help us narrow down the kind of killer we're looking for," Ansen Cole observed.
"Okay. Let's take this to our murder-board," saying this, Masters got up from his seat, took a black marker pen from his desk and went up to a whiteboard to the right of his desk.
THE FACE-OFF KILLER, he write on the board.
"So what do we know about this killer as of now?" he asked the two detectives.
"The killer is a male in his late-twenties or early thirties," said Ansen Cole.
"Good, what else?" Masters said, writing down Cole's point on the board.
"He's trained in the medical sciences, because of the way he perfectly defaced his victims with a scalpel. Most probably he's a surgeon," said Lance Carter.
"And he just took a third victim. Gina Coleman, student at the School of Medical Sciences at Boston University, was kidnapped last night," Ansen Cole announced, his voice grim, his eyes on his pager.

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