The Sanguinarian

The Sanguinarian

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

The Face-Off Killer #6

"So did you get everything?" Lance Carter asked his partner, Ansen Cole, as he entered the Audio-Visual lab of the Boston CSI HQ.
"Yeah. Burgers, coffee, sandwiches and bagels. We are ready to pull an all-nighter," replied Cole, lugging packets of food and two huge Styrofoam cups of cold coffee in his hand.
"Oh good! There...let me give you a hand," Carter said.
Five minutes later the two men were settled firmly in front of the huge plasma monitor where the videos for analysis were viewed.
"We have about 24 hours of real time video footage to view," Carter spoke, sipping his coffee.
"I know. So let's get started," Cole replied. He switched the screen on with the remote.
"Let the movie begin," Cole said.
"Those freaking bastards!" Lt. Will Masters muttered, as he sat in his cabin reading the newspaper.
A particularly disturbing article, which painted the Boston police in a very, very unflattering light, had appeared on the front page.
The Face-Off Killer strikes again; Police still clueless
Boston: In another shocking discovery on Tuesday, the police discovered a body, apparently that of a woman, with the face ripped off. The victim is said to be college student Danna McBride. She's the second woman to be killed by this Face-Off killer. But the police, as of yet, have no clue so as to who, or why, is committing these gruesome murders. They don't even have a suspect in custody till now. There is a fear psychosis developing in the minds of Boston denizens now. There is only one question on everyone's minds and lips- is Boston under the siege of a psychotic serial killer right now? Are the women of this city safe? The police seem to be tight-lipped on the topic. The public needs some kind of an assurance; and some tips so as to what to and what not to do in these troubling times.
Lieutenant Will Masters has been unavailable for comments.

"Fear psychosis my foot! You morons are the one spreading the fear psychosis among the public to sell your newspapers!" Will exclaimed, exasperatedly.
There was a series of loud knocks on the door.
"Come in," Will said.
"Everything okay, boss?" Officer Natalie Dunham entered the room.
"No. Not okay! These media idiots think they can tell us how to do our jobs! As if!" Will said, angrily.
"What happened?"
Will showed Natalie the newspaper article about the Face-Off Killer.
"So now they've given him a name! What an honor for the killer! This is how such people feel glamorized and encouraged to kill more," Natalie observed, reading the article.
"I've no idea what to do, Officer. How can we tell the people how to protect themselves when we don't know anything about the killer?" Will asked.
"I am at a loss too, Lieutenant," Natalie replied.
He stood at the arched entrance to the university campus, pretending to be a student reading a book and enjoying the outdoors. Actually he did have to study for an upcoming test, but this wasn't the time to do that. This was the time to hunt for new prey. The prey which would give him his Azalea.
Suddenly, he saw a group of girls go by. The one who interested him stood in the center. A young, luscious blonde with a curvaceous figure, dressed in a tank-top and jeans.
He felt a strange stirring in his loins. He had to have her, soon. She was his Azalea.

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  1. Ah! The hunter has his eye on another prey...will he be caught this time?...looking fwd to what they see on the CCTV's building up really well..:)