The Sanguinarian

The Sanguinarian

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

John Hartigan says HELLO

Hello Readers!
                        It's so nice to be finally be able to say hello to you all. I'm John Hartigan.
Now the very first question you 're asking is...John Hartigan who? Well, I would like to introduce myself as your next door neighbor( Sorry if I'm copying Peter Parker's line from Spiderman).
But this pain-in-the-neck author, an entity called Percy Kerry, always introduces me as an FBI Special Agent and a criminologist. Yes, I am an FBI Special Agent. And  because of my interest in observing and understanding criminal behavior, I have a degree in criminology; therefore I analyze the baddies I catch as well, as a side profession-thingy.
But I AM your next door neighbor, literally! I wake up at 5.30 a.m. every morning, like normal people.
I go for a jog every morning, for an hour, like normal Bostonians. I have a job that requires me on board almost 14 hours a day. A government job, which pays me a monthly salary.
I like to celebrate my birthday, which falls on July 13, with a cake, some beer, some nice dinner at a good restaurant which I can afford.
I love to eat everything under the sun, no restrictions on that aspect!
I also believe in burning everything I I jog 4 miles to and fro from 6 a.m. to 7.a.m. like I mentioned before.
I love to read. My taste is crime and spy novels, books on psychology, criminology and criminal law. I also love true crime and biographies.
Last but not the least, I survive on coffee! I have like six-seven cups a day...but not the decaf stuff. Never understood the logic of decaf coffee!!
Oops! Sorry folks...I think I'm getting a call. Let me see. Damn! It's work! I gotta run...but I hope I haven'y bored you with my 'saying HELLO' monologue. I will see you again...when my boss allows me to have some 'me-time' again! Adios! Take care, folks!
                                                                     Your next-door neighbor, John Hartigan

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